Types of Bonuses in Slots


Bonuses and slots are synonymous. Irrespective of the casino that you are playing in, bonuses are the perks that you are offered to make the best of your gambling session. Even though the primary purpose of the bonus is to attract you to the platform, the perk can be used in the game to boost the chances. Given that the casinos offer various kinds of bonuses, it would be foolish to step into the game without understanding them. In addition to that, the proper understanding of them will be beneficial to your game.


Sticky Bonuses:

Even though this type of bonus is implemented by the bigger casinos, the small ones do join the line. There can be however some requirements to the bonus or it may come with no conditions at all. The fact that you can’t withdraw this bonus is something that hasn’t been considered favorable in gambling and even though you can use it while playing, the withdrawal is a no-no.

Phantom Sticky Bonus:

As the name states, this is a sticky bonus and has been part of bug names in the industry. The bonus is transferred to your account, but at the same time, even though you can make the wager, there is still a thing to remember that Sticky bonuses can’t be withdrawn. In addition to this, there are mixed opinions on this while some consider it of no use while others are very favorable. Leaving apart the nuances of the narratives, even though you can’t withdraw them in a game, the bonus can help you in boosting the game, and in case you lost, there’s nothing to worry about. This way it’s a win-win. Besides that, all forms of bonuses are meant to boost your game and if you’re skilled enough you can make the best use.

 Cashable Bonuses:

This is the most popular type of bonus in the industry. Compared to the sticky bonuses, cash bonuses are a lot different and with varying working, they can be withdrawn soon after your information has been filled up. However, there can be rules and regulations that need to be reconsidered and understood. These are different for every casino and you must read them before you proceed ahead. Understand the game, know the factors that can affect the game, and make sure that you chose the right one.

What to keep in mind?

Bonuses are the most enticing feature of the slots; however, things can be confusing as a beginner. Having said that, you must establish the credibility of the casino before you choose to sign up. The consideration of the age of the casino, license, and reviews are such things that must never ignore. After all, money matters, and you must be careful.



The bonuses are meant to attract you and you can use them in the game too. With preparation and skill, the games can be won and enjoyed. So, better look at the games you are into and understand there is to.

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