Theme Park

Designed to attract in excess of 10,000 visitors per day, it is a key part of the spectacular retail adventure being created by Mall of Arabia, one of the world’s largest malls.

Housing the world’s largest and most lifelike collection of animatronic dinosaurs, IMG Theme Park creates a stunning edutainment experience and will help drive business into the mall’s retail outlets.

Visitors may think they’ve wandered onto the set of Stephen Spielberg’s latest Jurassic Park blockbuster. One of the member’s of the international design team, Dr. Jack Horner, served as scientific consultant to Spielberg on three “Jurassic Park” movies.
IMG Theme Park takes visitors 100 million years back in time on the ultimate theme ride into the prehistoric world.

The remarkably life-like experience includes a dramatic Big Bang portrayal of the Earth’s violent formation, and a heart-stopping roller coaster chase behind a pack of dromaeosaurs as they track an unsuspecting, lumbering edmontosaurus.

With more than 100 animatronic creatures, some 50 feet tall, combined with photo real, computer-generated imaging, dioramas and a litany of special effects, visitors will feel almost uncomfortably close to a variety of dinosaur species. The experience includes an “underwater” journey to see dinosaurs of the deep.

The excitement provided by a spectacular collection of rides, state of the art technology and amazing special effects is matched by the excellence of IMG Theme Park’s interactive museum.

In between the thrills and excitement, visitors will have the chance to relax, investigate and learn more about dinosaurs, creatures which hold endless fascination, and at the same time experience earthquakes, eruptions and meteor strikes which helped shape the Earth.

They’ll find answers to many questions about dinosaurs. Like, how fast were they? Did they fly? How do you discover a fossil? What did they hunt? Who hunted them? Were they social creatures? Did they live as a family unit? Were they really giants?

Restless Planet provides accurate and authoritative knowledge of the Jurassic Age in partnership with a world class team headed by the Natural History Museum in London.

It is a world-class history phenomenon, designed to attract tourists and investment, and put Dubai into the scientific spotlight on the international stage. A first of its kind in the world, IMG Theme Park will respond to breaking dinosaur discoveries through an ongoing programme of events and exhibits.

The exterior of IMG Theme Park will be a wonder in itself - a 246-foot-tall dome and a 500,000 square foot “cloud” building. The entrance to IMG Theme Park is via an enclosed glass bridge that connects to the Mall of Arabia’s second level.