Jewel of Arabia Review


The most striking feature of the slots is their constant habit of changing and transforming. Jewel of Arabia is one of the names that are well popular around the globe. In the slot market, the titles that entice the audience and at the same time offer for the other slots to learn gain a space nobody can take. With an interactive theme and high-end graphics, Jewel of Arabia uses the integration of technology and an interesting storyline to create an experience that is worthy of your time.

Jewel of Arabia


Developed by the Australian company International Game Technology (IGT), the slot uses the theme in a very interesting way. The Arabic theme, the enticing graphics, and clear animation is something that you will never forget. In addition to that, there is gold, gems, and treasure to unlock in the game as the slot takes you on a mind-blowing adventure. It uses five reels, twenty paylines and gives you a taste of the Aladin’s story with a twist of jackpots and bonuses. In matters of the rewards, there are thousands that you can get.


The picturesque theme uses the characters in such a way that the player gets hitched to the screen. the graphics are better than what you will see on a normal slot game. There are wilds to select, multiple themes, symbols, and reels that you can’t afford to overlook. Besides that, the appearance of the game boasts of its design and the determination the company shows in presenting its masterpiece. Furthermore, the scatter symbols line up and you’re in for a huge bonus or free spins; whatever be the case, you don’t want to miss that. They appear and re-appear all through the game. You can earn more free spins on the appearance of the special effects, up to 250.


The display is enhanced, graphics give you a taste of reality and the theme can pull you in the story. It’s one of the slots that can make you a party in the game and as you enjoy, the rest of the journey becomes easier and better. Jewel of Arabia is a name that is gaining its much-deserved space and due to more and more crowds drawing towards the slot, space becomes more adamant. The reputation that it has gained in such a small time is much appreciable and a feat for the other companies to follow.


In matters of video slots, the Jewel of Arabia is the modern-age slot. From scatter symbols to bonuses, the game allows you to take the advantage of all the features that are being offered to you. Given that the video slots are the games that offer you a huge payout, Jewel of Arabia is an option that gives you an experience in addition to that. Even though the house edge is always in the play, the modern video slots give you a decent chance to win besides the fun of having the experience and being part of the game

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