What Makes the Jewel of Arabia Different Than the Others Available in the Market?


What you receive from every slots game is the unmatchable entertainment that takes you to some riches. Casinos gave been functioning in different parts of the world for over a century now, and it has developed from the concept of gambling on streets to the luxurious establishments that emit lights filled with the hues of delight. You are sure to be entertained when in that setting, but the method to get to that point of fun is completely your choice. The selection of the game, amount to bet, and control over your bankroll will determine the ultimate profits and joy that you receive. So, you need to have a clear idea about how the casino games have to be played, especially slots. Unlike the other games, slots have a high value of the factor of unpredictability and a lower number of strategies that can work.

Plenty of slot machines are available on the casino floors for you to try your luck, of which, the Jewel of Arabia is one game that has allured more gamblers to the casinos. IGT developed this land-based slot game in Australia and later grew in popularity in the US and other major casino districts. The game allows you to play for the 20 paylines it offers and also the bonus features. Several such aspects of the game make it unique from the other slot machine games that you can find in the casinos. Here is a short tour through the Jewel of Arabia.

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A Closer Look at Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia is a one-of-a-kind slots game that employs the video screen technology with an impressive level of animation and immersive sound effects to suck you right into the screens. It has the theme of “Places” embossed on the machine with the gritty nature of Arabia being displayed flawlessly. Five video reels and 20 optional paylines are offered in the game, like in many other creations of IGT. This multi-line bonus slot also has several free spins rounds and bonuses that make the game stand out. Everyone who loves to indulge in a no-nonsense land-based slot game will surely find Jewel of Arabia interesting. The payout you receive will be in the form of tickets which once dispensed can be exchanged for cash.


What Makes it Unique?

Jewel of Arabia stands out among the thousands of slot games with its advanced and appealing features. The straightforward gaming interface is one factor that makes it a marvel with many other similar aspects that add to the wonderful experience. Unlike in many other slot machines, you get to win substantial payouts even at smaller bets in Jewel of Arabia. The maximum bet credit stands at 1000 and the top award for the game is 750,000; both these factors augment the impact of the slots game.

With the free spin bonuses, you can also get around 250 additional spins, which can bring you more money in the process. Once all these spins come to an end, the bonus round will be completed.

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