Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine Review


Jewel of Arabia is a slot machine game developed by IGT. IGT is a slot game development company that has been around since the 1950s. The only grew popular after 1981 when they created their first-ever slot machine which brought them to the big game. Today they provide video slots to land-based casinos as well as online casino platforms and are in competence with NetEnt and Microgaming for making the best slot machines.

People have been praising “Jewel of Arabia” as one of the best slot machines, so we did a quick review of the game. We played this IGT slot game for two weeks to exhaust all our initial deposit. Let us take a look at the game and what it has to offer to the players.

IGT slot game


Jewel of Arabia is a five-reel and 20 pay line video slot machine which offers several in-game bonus features with up to 250 free spins. The Jewel of Arabia is a complete video slot that uses a screen instead of reels which imitate the traditional slot machine with a video screen. The payouts are done in tickets which can be exchanged for cash later from the casino counter. On the online platforms, the rewards get deposited in your wallet after you leave the game or log out.

Other similar games to Jewel of Arabia slot machine are Jackpot Express Slot and Jesters Jackpot slots. The game has a typical 5-reel play system, but the in-game bonuses and the free spins make this game more interesting than other slot games. The good part is that even though it is a penny slot, you can still expect to win up to 750,000 while playing maximum wagers in the game. Minimum bets also promise frequent wins, but the amount will not be as significant as the higher wager rewards.

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Jewel of Arabia free spins

When you play the game and hit three or more jewel symbols, in any line, it will activate the Jewel of Arabia Free Spin Bonus. In this bonus, you can get up to 50 free spins if you hit the best jewels. These free spins can be played with the same bets and lines as the normal game is played.

Jewel of Arabia Bonus

In the bonus round, we noticed that the game was offering higher payouts. When we checked the paytable, we realized that the bonus rounds offer multipliers which also increase the payouts. Another bonus feature was the free spins which can give up to 250 free spins during the bonus rounds. Once you have all your spins exhausted the bonus round will get over, and you will come back to the main game.

Overall, the game is amazing, and the best things about the game is that it is a penny slot. It means that you can play with the minimum and the maximum bets. Even while being a penny slot, the game can offer up to 750,000 credit. And last but not least, the exciting free spins which can offer long-lasting entertainment.

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