Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia is a unique retail resort within City of Arabia.

One of the world’s largest malls, it will offer more than 1,000 diverse retail outlets, a rooftop hotel, waterfront alfresco dining and entertainment for all the family, as well as the remarkable Restless Planet theme park, earth science museum and planetarium.

Mall of Arabia has a gross leasable area (GLA) of 4 million sq ft in phase 1, and represents one of the most expansive retail experiences to be found anywhere in the world.

The mall has been designed to ensure high footfall. Normally malls are built in a racing lap design, but Mall of Arabia’s design is concentric, which allows shoppers to get around much quicker and easier.

It is also segmented, so those shopping for home furnishings for example, or for women’s or men’s fashions, will find all the relevant stores are located conveniently close to each other.

Adding to Mall of Arabia’s pulling power, Restless Planet provides visitors with a unique edutainment experience, and establishes the mall as an attraction city offering something for every age and culture. It is designed to draw in excess of 10,000 visitors per day, and send waves of extra shoppers into the mall.

Making it easy for visitors to arrive and move about, City of Arabia’s own monorail system will be linked to the Dubai Metro and provide visitors with a comfortable and convenient link to all the major shopping attractions and other areas.

Visitors arriving at the mall by car will find there is ample parking and easy access. Mall of Arabia’s 4 million sq ft in phase 1 alone will have covered parking for 10,400 vehicles on two floors beneath the mall.

Parking areas will be carefully signposted to direct shoppers to park close to travellators and lifts which will carry them inside the mall.