How to Play Jewel of Arabia Slot


Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine is a slot game from IGT and is introduced recently in online platforms due to the popularity in land-based casinos. JOA slot game offers up to 20 pay-lines on each spin which gives you a chance of making multiple small wins in the game. The game uses video screen technology and does not have any mechanical wheels. It is a five-reel video slot game. On the land-based slot machines, this game dispenses cash reward tickets which can be exchanged for money at the counter.

One of the features of this game is that even if you are not betting a lot of money, you can still expect high payouts. The maximum bet on Jewel of Arabia slots can be of 1,000 credit, and the maximum reward can go up to 750,000. To win the jackpot, you need to hit five veiled lady symbols on an active pay line after you make the maximum wager.

Bonus and free spins

Jewel of Arabia offers free spin bonus which gets activated when you hit three or more jewel symbols in a line. Free spins depend on the number of jewels received during the gameplay. The maximum number of jewels awarded can go up to 50. During the bonus round the paytable can be more generous, which will promise higher payouts.

You can also win free spins during the bonus rounds that can give you up to 250 free spins. The bonus round will also end when you exhaust all your free spins.

Bonus and free spins

How to play Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia slot game is just like any another video slot game in terms of gameplay. The features can differ from other games, but the basic gameplay is the same. It is a penny slot game which can be played with minimum bet options to win high jackpots for up to 750,000 credits with its maximum bets.

To play Jewel of Arabia, you have to hit the button or pull the level based on the option that your machine provides.

Once the reels on the screen start spinning, you have to wait for them to spot and check for the symbols that appear on the screen.

If the symbols that appear on the screen appear according to one of the 20 pay lines, you will win either a reward, bonus, or free spins. If you hit a special symbol, you will unlock the free spin bonus where you can expect better multipliers. Once you run out of free spins, the multiplier will also reset.

You can keep spinning until you win a big reward or until you run out of your betting limit.

We recommend all our readers to play responsibly and never play more than what you can afford to lose per day.

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