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Like many games from IGT this one is configured with five reels and 20 paylines.

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Credits are what the coins are converted to once they are in the machine. The value of a credit varies from machine to machine, so check the game information.

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Keep your eye open for casinos who offer free spin bonuses to their new players. Free Spins are a great way to test games and maybe win some great jackpots.

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The Evolution of Slot Machines

Slot machines tend to hold a specific place in the hearts and minds of gamblers. The simple and straightforward game has brought in several elements that have changed the face of gambling. As a result, people are drawn to this particular game, and the list of admirers consist of beginners. But if one has to rewind and look into how the slot machine has changed over the years, how far behind would we have to go? By doing so, will we be able to decode the evolution of slot machines? Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that is to rewind to the good old days.


Debates about who created the first slot machine is still under progress without reaching a proper conclusion. But historians believe it to be Charles August Fey, who invested the first automatic payout device. Around the same time, a company based out in New York, known as Sittman and Pitt created a game that Fey may or may not have inspired Fey. However, Sittman and Pitt’s game cost a nickel to play, and it had five drums with ten cards each. Later, the company removed ten of spades and jack of hearts since it was easier to have 50 cards instead of 52. Back in the day, tabletop devices did not have automatic payments; thus players had to collect winnings from the bartender. So to counter the same, Charles August Fey created a similar machine with an automatic payment system, but the exact date of his invention is not known. For the machine to make winning combinations simpler, he used three reels with only five symbols. Later this machine was called the Liberty Bell since that was one of the symbols. Since Fey never patented his design, numerous other devices began to be manufactured. History


Gambling was known to have a rough patch with the law since countries from around the world did not find the activity to be ethical. As a result, slot machines were outlawed in the 1900s, but manufacturers refused to give up. Instead, they offered prizes instead of coins, and in most cases, this meant a return to the days of automatic payment systems. With a couple of other inventions, liberty bells were replaced with fruit symbols and later in 1916; the world was introduced to a version of the jackpot.


Eventually, things changed for gambling with the law and slot machines became popular. They moved ahead to be a part of gambling houses and later the online market. The many elements of slot machines that we see today are all part and parcel of its initial stages and how it managed to attract a large crowd.
Bonuses in Slot Machines

The Many Types of Bonuses in Slot Machines

Slot machines and bonuses have a close connection with each since both these aspects are preferred by people. As a move to promote slot machines, developers came out with bonuses, and the result seems to be positive. Today, slot machines are played all over offline casinos as well as online casinos. But the aspect that differs for these bonuses is the types. Yes, that’s right. There are many types of bonuses for slot machines, and understanding the same will help you develop your game. Hence, to be more specific, here are the different types of bonuses in slot machines.

1. Sticky Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses either come with or without rollover requirements, pushing forward the need for some amount of gambling experience. Big software groups tend to implement the same, and the less popular variations of these bonuses are utilised by smaller casinos and other software providers. As far as the types are concerned, you will come across a number of these bonuses, with the most famous one being the ‘phantom’ sticky bonus. Although you can utilise the bonus during gambling, you might not be able to withdraw it.

Sticky Bonuses

a. Phantom Sticky Bonus

Apart from being a sticky bonus, the Phantom bonus is also developed by some of the most famous brands in the casino and gambling business. From Microgaming to Playtech, numerous big shots were involved in the process of development. Since it is instantly credited or transferred to your account, you can start by making solid bets. But it would help if you remembered that it is a sticky bonus and thus, cannot be withdrawn.

A lot of individuals find the bonus to be less effective because you cannot withdraw the same. But in reality, things take a different turn because these bonuses can help you increase your winnings. With the amount you’ve won, you can move ahead to place a wager, and in case you have lost, then you need not pay anything.

2. Cashable Bonuses

Cashable bonuses tend to be the most preferred option for obvious reasons. Since they follow the standard betting requirements, the potential to offer profits are intact. Due to that, they are a common form of casino slot machine bonuses and are considered to be an ideal form of promotion. Soon after fulfilling all the requirements, you can move forward to withdraw the amount. But before you do so, you must read the different terms and conditions mentioned by the casino. While the presence of limiting options is not always visible, one cannot deny their existence. Hence, understand the game from different angles by reading the right points and then proceed to have fun with the slot machine.

Slot Machine

Understanding the Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine

Jewel Arabia Slot Machine created quite the buzz when it was first introduced to gamblers. The game made and developed by IGT (International Game Technology) can be found in a number of casinos from all around the world. Each time you visit a casino, you will find a considerable number of people waiting to avail their turn in order to play this particular game. Since this buzz creates an interesting aspect, we decided to look into what makes this game so popular. Hence, here’s a brief take on Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine.

1. Gaming Details

Just like the rest, IGT has configured the Jewel of Arabia to have five reels and 20 pay lines. As the game can be processed with one cent, most players find it to be affordable and thus that acts as a part of its popularity. Apart from that, the game also takes things up a notch with a 1000 credit maximum and a 750,000 award. By landing five veiled lady symbols, you can grab hold of the main award. Since a certain number of people have won the same, the game is a solid bet all over town.

2. Bonus

Bonuses and other similar rewards tend to be essential parts of slot machines that promote players to come forward and carry on the process of gambling. Regardless of particular features, most of the players look forward to free spin bonuses and other such types of rewards since that’s what matters the most to them. On that front, it is essential to note that the Jewel of Arabia Slot doesn’t disappoint.

With three or more jewel symbols in any position, you can activate the free spin bonus and make matters count. The number of free spins that you receive is directly based on the number of jewel spins received during the base gameplay. But the maximum number awarded is 50, and free spins are played at the same bet and lines as the initiating game. As a move to ensure higher payouts, one can also recognise generous payouts that are made available during the bonus. So with the added ability to win additional free spins, Jewel of Arabia helps gamblers in more than a single way. But if you run out of spins or play 250, then your bonus round will come to an end.



Be it the penny slot or the 750,000 credit top award, Jewel of Arabia Slots do know how to make it enjoyable. As far as a player is concerned, the game has a lot to offer and can help you make the most of your time. Hence, that concludes our take on Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine.

Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia Pokie Review

Jewel of Arabia is one of the most famous slot machines that comprises of an Arabic theme. Introduced by the International Game Technology (IGT) in Australia, it is one of the well-known slot machines in almost all the casinos across the globe. This video slot machine mesmerises the players with their stunning animations and sound effects.


It follows the Arabic theme with sands, gems, enormous amounts of gold and glamour, throughout the game. It is evocative of the Aladdin movie where he gets stuck inside a cave. But like the movie, you will also have to take chances to win enormous bonuses and jackpots. Like most games introduced by the IGT, this game is also constructed based on five reels and twenty pay lines. Although the game does not involve in massive betting, it consists of a maximum of 750,000 top awards.

Special Effects

The game begins with an encounter to the characters, with a big red velvet curtain at the background that creates a theatre setting. The game also provides the players with a wide range of themes to select. Special effects consist of wilds which are portrayed as big blue eyes. They’re the most stylish symbols on the reels and, if five such wilds show up pin line, then you can go home with big pockets. The purpose of introducing these special effects is to increase the efficiency and the appearance of the game.

Jewel of Arabia Pokie Review

The game also consists of gems called ‘scatters’. They’re another form of special effects. If two or more scatters manage to line up, then you’re in for huge amounts, and if the same is increased to three or more, then you’re awarded with a bonus or win yourself a free spin. The constant bonuses and perks offered by these special effects will keep playing on the tip of their toe.

Free Spins

The number of free spins is based on the number of diamonds or special effects that line up on the screen. You could earn yourself up to 50 free spins, and the bonus round will end, once you’ve exhausted your free spins or you’ve reached a maximum of 250 spins.


 As compared to the reel slots, video slots have the upper hand in winning bonuses and perks, which is a plus on the user end. The Jewel of Arabia Pokie top all of the video slot machines as it is known for its massive pay outs and jackpots, that is not offered by most of the video slot machines. However, as we all know ‘The house always wins’. So, it is essential to be cautious about the games we choose. Sometimes, the most extravagant games with stylish appearance and intense animations are the ones that offer more to the house than to the players.



Arabia Slot

How to Play Jewel of Arabia Slot

Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine is a slot game from IGT and is introduced recently in online platforms due to the popularity in land-based casinos. JOA slot game offers up to 20 pay-lines on each spin which gives you a chance of making multiple small wins in the game. The game uses video screen technology and does not have any mechanical wheels. It is a five-reel video slot game. On the land-based slot machines, this game dispenses cash reward tickets which can be exchanged for money at the counter.

One of the features of this game is that even if you are not betting a lot of money, you can still expect high payouts. The maximum bet on Jewel of Arabia slots can be of 1,000 credit, and the maximum reward can go up to 750,000. To win the jackpot, you need to hit five veiled lady symbols on an active pay line after you make the maximum wager.

Bonus and free spins

Jewel of Arabia offers free spin bonus which gets activated when you hit three or more jewel symbols in a line. Free spins depend on the number of jewels received during the gameplay. The maximum number of jewels awarded can go up to 50. During the bonus round the paytable can be more generous, which will promise higher payouts.

You can also win free spins during the bonus rounds that can give you up to 250 free spins. The bonus round will also end when you exhaust all your free spins.

Bonus and free spins

How to play Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia slot game is just like any another video slot game in terms of gameplay. The features can differ from other games, but the basic gameplay is the same. It is a penny slot game which can be played with minimum bet options to win high jackpots for up to 750,000 credits with its maximum bets.

To play Jewel of Arabia, you have to hit the button or pull the level based on the option that your machine provides.

Once the reels on the screen start spinning, you have to wait for them to spot and check for the symbols that appear on the screen.

If the symbols that appear on the screen appear according to one of the 20 pay lines, you will win either a reward, bonus, or free spins. If you hit a special symbol, you will unlock the free spin bonus where you can expect better multipliers. Once you run out of free spins, the multiplier will also reset.

You can keep spinning until you win a big reward or until you run out of your betting limit.

We recommend all our readers to play responsibly and never play more than what you can afford to lose per day.

Slot Machine

Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine Review

Jewel of Arabia is a slot machine game developed by IGT. IGT is a slot game development company that has been around since the 1950s. The only grew popular after 1981 when they created their first-ever slot machine which brought them to the big game. Today they provide video slots to land-based casinos as well as online casino platforms and are in competence with NetEnt and Microgaming for making the best slot machines.

People have been praising “Jewel of Arabia” as one of the best slot machines, so we did a quick review of the game. We played this IGT slot game for two weeks to exhaust all our initial deposit. Let us take a look at the game and what it has to offer to the players.

IGT slot game


Jewel of Arabia is a five-reel and 20 pay line video slot machine which offers several in-game bonus features with up to 250 free spins. The Jewel of Arabia is a complete video slot that uses a screen instead of reels which imitate the traditional slot machine with a video screen. The payouts are done in tickets which can be exchanged for cash later from the casino counter. On the online platforms, the rewards get deposited in your wallet after you leave the game or log out.

Other similar games to Jewel of Arabia slot machine are Jackpot Express Slot and Jesters Jackpot slots. The game has a typical 5-reel play system, but the in-game bonuses and the free spins make this game more interesting than other slot games. The good part is that even though it is a penny slot, you can still expect to win up to 750,000 while playing maximum wagers in the game. Minimum bets also promise frequent wins, but the amount will not be as significant as the higher wager rewards.

Casino counter

Jewel of Arabia free spins

When you play the game and hit three or more jewel symbols, in any line, it will activate the Jewel of Arabia Free Spin Bonus. In this bonus, you can get up to 50 free spins if you hit the best jewels. These free spins can be played with the same bets and lines as the normal game is played.

Jewel of Arabia Bonus

In the bonus round, we noticed that the game was offering higher payouts. When we checked the paytable, we realized that the bonus rounds offer multipliers which also increase the payouts. Another bonus feature was the free spins which can give up to 250 free spins during the bonus rounds. Once you have all your spins exhausted the bonus round will get over, and you will come back to the main game.

Overall, the game is amazing, and the best things about the game is that it is a penny slot. It means that you can play with the minimum and the maximum bets. Even while being a penny slot, the game can offer up to 750,000 credit. And last but not least, the exciting free spins which can offer long-lasting entertainment.


The Use of High-End Graphics in the Slot Games

Ever since the video slot machines were introduced, the developers have been working to create video slot games as realistic as possible. Even if the game provides fair gameplay, if the graphics are poor, the players do not stay to play the games for long.

The most reputable casinos rely on the best developers who create high-end graphics slots for the realistic and exciting gaming experience. The quality of the game graphics mostly depends on the software that the developers use. A good quality software provides high-quality images, audio, and animation, which provides excellent 3D effects and sounds in the games. The software should also be capable of providing speed and smooth gameplay.

Apart from the enhanced high-quality graphics, the game should also have a good user interface to provide smooth navigation to the players. Often it happened that the developers forgot to design good interface. Even though their games provide high-end graphics, the rest of the things did not work properly and had a lot of bugs, making the game difficult to navigate for players. Other features should also include multiple languages, chat feature, gift system, etc.

Slot Games

How to spot high-graphics casino games

Even if the game offers good rewards but has no creativity in graphics, sooner or later, the players will get bored of the game to look for other entertainments. The players should be comfortable with their game features and impressive graphics. This is why developers pay extra attention while creating high-quality casino games. You can easily identify these games with their homepage and their demos.

One major difference between high-end graphics video slots and regular slots is that the developers pay close attention to micro details. The players can use different size screens and devices, so the developers make sure that the graphics are not pixelated on bigger screens. If the game is designed properly, you can find quality graphics without the game running choppy on your device.

If you find the first game on the online website with good quality graphics, you can be assured that the rest of the games will also have quality graphics as the website developers will not compromise on creating quality games. They need to have all the games of the same quality graphics or else the gamers will only opt for good games making other games useless. However, there can be a separate category of high-quality games on some platforms. Here are some of the high-end graphics casino game developers who make the most played online casino games.

NextGen Gaming

They are one of the leading game developers today own bet365, which is among the best online casinos providing over 50 NetGen slot games.


IGT is another major game development company which offers innovative slot games at Ladbrokes Casino. IGT also provides partnerships to other casinos where you can enjoy high-end graphics games fro OGT.


NetEnt is known for creating entertaining casino games with interactive graphics. They have a reputation for making movie franchise games.

Slot Machine

Free Spin Bonuses in Jewel of Arabia Slot Machine

Slots is one casino game that has never faltered since its launch in the past century. The concept of gambling had witnessed several tweaks with sports and casinos coming into the scene. Of all the casino games, slots make it to the top with its sheer simplicity and appeal to the average population. The fortune that comes etched on the spinning reel by leveraging the machine needs no much wits; luck alone can help you get there in this game or random outcomes. IGT (International Game Technology) is a multinational company, headquartered in London, that develops several gambling technologies and slot machines. The company has grown over the years with several collaborations. IGT has been the production base for many innovative ideas within the gambling sector, which are now ruling the casinos.

People’s hearts have been conquered with many such games and technologies. Consequently, huge profits are made by the company. One such slots game that was developed a few years ago is the Jewel of Arabia Slots. You are taken to the Arabian grounds to find their indigenous jewels on the reels to draw your luck from it. Try it once, and you are sure to get back to the casino just for that experience. Many casinos have installed this game and have a legion of gamblers rushing into the establishments for the game’s pure charm. It was developed in Australia as a part of the IGT’s video slot line-up called Game King. This video-based machine is sure to leave you enchanted by the sound and animation that holds the game in its entirety. Let us have a closer look at the game and its bonuses.

Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia, like many other games of IGT, is a one-cent game that is configured with five reels and 20 paylines. You might be worried about making fewer profits from the machine since your bets are small, but that shouldn’t be a concern as the top award of 750,000 and 1,000 maximum credit bet are tailor-made for the gamblers who are on the machine with low amounts to bet on. By making the maximum wager, you can get the top award if the Veiled Lady symbol lands five times on an active payline.

Jewel of Arabia

Free Spin Bonuses

The Jewel of Arabia Free Spin Bonus gets activated when three or more jewel symbols land on any specific position. The number of jewel spins that you receive during your base gameplay will determine the number of free spins you are awarded, the maximum of which would be 50. Same bet and lines of the initiating game are to be played for free spins too. Check the paytable during the bonus round to see the higher payouts that are ensured. You could also win up to 250 additional free spins while playing the bonus round. Once you are out of spins or have played all 250, the bonus round will come to an end.


What Makes the Jewel of Arabia Different Than the Others Available in the Market?

What you receive from every slots game is the unmatchable entertainment that takes you to some riches. Casinos gave been functioning in different parts of the world for over a century now, and it has developed from the concept of gambling on streets to the luxurious establishments that emit lights filled with the hues of delight. You are sure to be entertained when in that setting, but the method to get to that point of fun is completely your choice. The selection of the game, amount to bet, and control over your bankroll will determine the ultimate profits and joy that you receive. So, you need to have a clear idea about how the casino games have to be played, especially slots. Unlike the other games, slots have a high value of the factor of unpredictability and a lower number of strategies that can work.

Plenty of slot machines are available on the casino floors for you to try your luck, of which, the Jewel of Arabia is one game that has allured more gamblers to the casinos. IGT developed this land-based slot game in Australia and later grew in popularity in the US and other major casino districts. The game allows you to play for the 20 paylines it offers and also the bonus features. Several such aspects of the game make it unique from the other slot machine games that you can find in the casinos. Here is a short tour through the Jewel of Arabia.

slot machines

A Closer Look at Jewel of Arabia

Jewel of Arabia is a one-of-a-kind slots game that employs the video screen technology with an impressive level of animation and immersive sound effects to suck you right into the screens. It has the theme of “Places” embossed on the machine with the gritty nature of Arabia being displayed flawlessly. Five video reels and 20 optional paylines are offered in the game, like in many other creations of IGT. This multi-line bonus slot also has several free spins rounds and bonuses that make the game stand out. Everyone who loves to indulge in a no-nonsense land-based slot game will surely find Jewel of Arabia interesting. The payout you receive will be in the form of tickets which once dispensed can be exchanged for cash.


What Makes it Unique?

Jewel of Arabia stands out among the thousands of slot games with its advanced and appealing features. The straightforward gaming interface is one factor that makes it a marvel with many other similar aspects that add to the wonderful experience. Unlike in many other slot machines, you get to win substantial payouts even at smaller bets in Jewel of Arabia. The maximum bet credit stands at 1000 and the top award for the game is 750,000; both these factors augment the impact of the slots game.

With the free spin bonuses, you can also get around 250 additional spins, which can bring you more money in the process. Once all these spins come to an end, the bonus round will be completed.

Jewel of Arabia

What to Keep in Mind While Playing Jewel of Arabia?

Slot machines have been on the casino floors for a long time now and have conquered the hearts of most gamblers with minimal knowledge about the games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. The straightforward gaming interface makes slots more appealing to the average gamblers. Several slot machines have become popular over the years with their themes and payouts. People love to sit by those machines that have familiar themes like that of their favorite anime, cartoon, or movie characters. Among those marvelous machines, Jewel of Arabia stands out with its unique features.

Jewel of Arabia is a slots game developed by IGT, and it runs in many casinos with an enormous fan base. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines that carry symbols of jewels, alphabets, and indigenous living beings of the Arabian land. This “Places” theme also holds several bonus features with free spins that you can receive by hitting certain symbols on the reel for a specific number of times. This is a land-based slots game that has no kind of drivel coming your way when playing the game. There is a lot that this game offers in terms of thrill and excitement that you cannot afford to overlook if you are a fan of slots. Let us now have a look at what the important aspects are that you need to keep in mind while playing the game.


Important Features and Tips

This IGT game is a multi-line bonus slot that works on the ticket dispensing cash out system of payout. You need to understand how the game functions, which is vital in getting you to the point of success. Jewel of Arabia is similar to other slot machines in its fundamental concepts except for the symbols that it holds, theme, and the payout intervals and amounts. You will be awarded free spins (maximum of 50) depending on the number of jewel spins that you receive while playing the base game. Around 250 additional free spins could also come your way during the bonus round. By completing it, the bonus round comes to an end.

Staff stone, animal companions, and meditations are the features of the game that determines your success. The most challenging part of Jewel of Arabia is to get all the staff stones which include Turquoise, Pearl, Jade, Ivory, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst. Make sure to start the game with Amethyst in the Human race. Turquoise and the ones above that are available only in the registered portion of Jewel of Arabia. There are animal companions in the game too, including monkey, dog, donkey, cobra, hawk, cheetah, elephant, tiger, and frog. Start your journey with the monkey and continue with it while the others will be available as the game progresses. Meditation features include dream walk, endure damage, heal injury, mind shield, restore vitality, levitate, fast, rejuvenate stamina, walk on coals, and purge poison. Of these, you need to Dream Walk at 100% efficiency to complete the game you started with monkey and Amethyst.

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